It’s About the People

Here we are, just days away from starting what promises to be yet another amazing school year. Only this time, things are a little different: I am part of a new staff hired to open up École Sage Creek School. It’s been a very busy past few weeks, while the staff, among many others, work hard to get things perfectly ready to welcome our students into the new, state of the art building. But we’ve had many hiccups and things certainly didn’t go as planned, especially when it came to timelines. With stress being high while feeling the pressure, the staff did what they could given the circumstances and I think it’s safe to say that we’re as ready as can be (and VERY excited) to meet our students and their families on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This weekend, I am camping with family and friends, and although it was really hard to leave school Friday to get to the campground (because all I wanted to do was keep working on my class to have everything perfect for Tuesday), this weekend has brought me some time to disconnect and reflect, which was also very much needed. This afternoon, with the gloomy and rainy weather, I went for a long bike ride with one of my boys giving me a great opportunity to reflect on my last few weeks of setting up for the school year. Yes, I am stressed because things aren’t all in place like I wish they were, but I’m focusing on the fact that that isn’t the important part… the people are! I am surrounded by the most amazing people and I know that it is them, us, who will make this journey the amazing one that I know it will be, missing shelves and all! 🙂 

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