Embrace Change

The unknown is scary. Change is also scary. And trust me I know all too well that combining these two can be utterly overwhelming. I also know, though, that amazing things can come out of unknown and different situations if we embrace these opportunities. What if we had no choice but to embrace them? Would that make a difference?

On February 14th, 2014, four years ago exactly, I was headed to the hospital for an early ultrasound that my midwife has arranged. I was sent because I was already showing way more than expected, I had already miscarried twins in a previous pregnancy, and truth be told, my midwife had pity on me because she knew just how horrified I would be if I were to find out that I was carrying twins and that my family would grow from 4 to 6, just like that. For all of these reasons combined, she scheduled an early ultrasound for me so that I would either have piece of mind or have more time to deal with this difficult reality. I went into the room and the tech did her thing, while I wasn’t allowed to look at the screen. She finished up and went to get my husband. Once he was sitting next to me, the tech closed the door and uttered these words “I’d like to show you some pictures of your babIES”… plural. Part of me died right then and there. I cried a lot and nervously laughed. What were we going to do with 4 kids… four kids that would be 4 and under once the twins were born. So many emotions were running through my body, and it definitely wasn’t positive at first. I was hit with an overwhelming sensation of the unknown, and was left wondering how this was going to completely change my life! I had never pictured a life with four kids and had to mourn the life I had imagined for myself – that is change!

With time, my mindset started to change. I still had (and continue to have, even to this day) waves of feeling overwhelmed and scared beyond belief, but I also had many amazing moments where I was excited to experience this whole twin thing!

Fast forward to 4 years later… my twins are now 3.5 and my two other boys are 5 and 7. Some days (okay, most days) are still incredibly hard but we’re figuring things out! Routines are constantly changing and we go from one unknown to the next. Change has become a part of our norm and we’ve had no choice but to embrace it.

One of the most common questions I get is “How do you do it all?” and my answer is always “I just do, because I have no choice”. I work hard, there’s no doubt about it, but I work hard because I have to. My kids are my world, and they deserve the world!

What if we looked at change in our profession with the same lens. When I was given the news that I was carrying twins, I had no choice but to embrace it, eventually, even if it took some time and many tears. What if we did the same for our students, embrace change, embrace the unknown, no matter what, and turn these situations into something amazing? I’m willing to bet that if we all had no choice but to embrace change, change would happen more frequently, a lot more quickly, and it would be a lot less scary! We would be able to see left, right, and center so many incredible things happening thanks to change, and that alone would push us to strive for more change.

Do you seek out change? Does the unknown scare you to the point that it holds you back? Do you think that if you intentionally committed to embracing change, it would help you take more risks? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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