Week 1: Growth Mindset Read Aloud #MindsetMondayLRSD

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Welcome to the first week of Growth Mindset Read Aloud #MindsetMondayLRSD! (If you need more info on the format of this Read Aloud, please click here). We hope that this will be the beginning of an amazing journey for you and your students! Please note that you can participate however it fits into your schedule; don’t feel as though you need to watch the video and answer the questions on Monday – you have all week! When answering the questions, please use the Q1 A1 format and don’t forget to include the #MindsetMondayLRSD hashtag. We encourage you to look through other classes’ responses too and comment to build on one another’s answers. We look forward to getting this experience started! With that said, here’s all the info you’ll need for this week:

Week 1: May 6th-12th

Hosting class: Annick Rauch’s class tweeting from @MmeAnnickR

Book: It’s Okay to Make Mistakes by Todd Parr

Watch this week’s Read Aloud video right here:

this video is no longer available

Slow chat questions:

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