Through the Eyes of a Child

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One of my favourite parts of being an elementary teacher is getting to experience things through the eyes of children. When a student is beaming with pride and joy when she finally succeeds at something she’s been pushing through, or when another student’s eyes light up when he experiences something for the first time that blows his mind, I can’t help but get tears in my eyes. That joy is contagious and is such a beautiful and raw experience! As adults, we often take these moments for granted. The simplest things are absolutely amazing if we just take the time to notice them, feel them, and be in the moment.

I am also blessed to experience moments like these as a mom. If you are a parent, you will surely understand how seeing my children happy makes my whole world go round. Here is one of my latest examples.

My family and I recently went on a trip to Vancouver. This was the first time that my boys got to fly (or remember flying if you count when my oldest went as an 8 month old), and the excitement had been building up for months! Finally, the moment came, and I am so glad I captured take off with Caden (9) and Brecken (almost 5), the two I was sitting with.

Experiencing flying for the first time… through the eyes of two of my boys. Take 44 seconds to watch, you won’t regret it.


Notice how even the passengers around us couldn’t contain their joy as laughter filled the air. I, on the other hand, was nearly silent, because I was holding back tears while the biggest grin spread over my face.

This is what life is all about! Don’t take these moments for granted. Find the joy. Keep the joy. Remember the joy.

What if we lived our lives through the eyes of a child? What if we never lost our curiosity and sense of wonder? What if schools used these to make learning fun, authentic, and empowering? What if we found joy in our every day routines and interactions? What if we were truly present to notice joy and happiness all around us?

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  1. Amber Ogle

    July 23, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing your video. I noticed myself grinning and experiencing the excitement with them while watching. Creating these types of experiences and being able to observe and participate in the responses is so completely rewarding for a teacher and/or a parent. Letting go of the fear of looking silly and allowing yourself to experience freely with your child or students is also a great lesson for children!

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