5 Senses Paw Patrol Inspired Episodes

In my post Hooks & Interests & Creativity, Oh My! I described a PBL project that was in the works. Now that we’ve finished (and showcased our hard work at portfolio night last night), I thought I would share with the rest of the world! Check out my students’ work… I’m so proud of them and all that they’ve learned all the while incorporating their interests and being empowered. (After the into, make sure you crank up the sound… our videos are very quiet, which I explain in my reflection below). ​

[wpvideo 98IpCbbs]


[wpvideo gN0kr94N]


[wpvideo h0V44eR9]

​​​Note: there are most certainty things that I’ve learned while doing this project with my students. Here are a few:

  • The mics on the iPads (which we used to film) aren’t great for little voices.
  • Green screen mixed with green hats and green shirts (or even yellow shirts) aren’t a great match!
  • Next time, I would like to connect with experts and different people so that we can learn, first hand, about our 5 senses (which we had talked about while planning the project, but these unfortunately got left behind).
  • To launch our project, we headed outside in the front of the school where there are a few trees. Next time, I’d rather plan a walk to a nearby park so the students could feel like they’re actually in a forest.
  • During the process next time, I would like the different groups to share their ideas with one another. This time, the groups simply worked within their groups, but I think collaborating with the whole class would lead to even better discussions, ideas, and creativity!

If you have any tips or suggestions for me, I would love to hear them! And comments for my students are always welcome, too! 🙂

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