Week 4: Growth Mindset Read Aloud 2 #MindsetMondayLRSD

GMRA Week 4

Welcome to the 4th and final week of Growth Mindset Read Aloud 2 #MindsetMondayLRSD (if you’re just hopping in now, we’d love to have you, and you can click here for more info)! We really hope that you and your students have enjoyed the ride so far and have connected with others in order to develop your growth mindset! We are thrilled with this experience so far and can’t wait to see what this last week brings! Thank you for participating and helping us all learn, grow, and connect! Just a reminder that you can participate however it fits into your schedule; don’t feel as though you need to watch the video and answer the questions on Monday – you have all week! When answering the questions, please use the Q1 A1 format and don’t forget to include the #MindsetMondayLRSD hashtag. We encourage you to look through other classes’ responses too and comment to build on one another’s answers. Feel free to tweet out your extended activities as well and we’d love to see how classes are connecting beyond the Twitter Chat, so please share pictures and activities to the hashtag, too!

This week we have Tammi Mueller and her sweet students hosting. This group of students have fully embraced growth mindset and have proven that hard work pays off! Their first video was over 18 minutes long, but as they kept working at it and persevering with their reading, they were able to read with more fluidity and expression. They should be SO proud of their progress and are great models of having a growth mindset. What a fantastic way to end off this round of Growth Mindset Read Aloud! Bravo! Here are this week’s details:

Week 4: January 28th – February 3rd

Hosting class: Tammi Mueller and students tweeting from @tjggmueller

Book: The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett & Gary Rubinstein

Watch this week’s Read Aloud video right here:

this video is no longer available


Slow chat questions:

week 4 introweek 4 endweek 4 Q1week 4 Q2week 4 Q3week 4 Q4week 4 Q5week 4 bonus challengeweek 4 bonus challenge 2week 4 postersweek 4 thank you

Didn’t they do a fantastic job? We love their bonus challenges and can’t wait to see what your students come up with!

Thanks again for all that you and your students have done to make this round a success. Let’s keep connecting in order to deepen our learning together!

ps – Karen Caswell‘s Kindness Read Aloud is starting on February 4th! Check out all of the details here, join in on the fun, and continue connecting with others to learn and grow together.

kindness read aloud

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