Psst… I Have Something to Share

Some of you have been following my blog from the very beginning, which was in September 2016. That means some of you have been here for 7 years now! SEVEN! Woah!

Others, have joined somewhere along the way.

Whenever we have connected is irrelevant! I am grateful you are here and have found value in what I am sharing.

Over the last few years, I felt a huge tug on my heart to do even more, share even more, help even more. You see, I’ve been sharing openly and vulnerably for a long time now and this has allowed me to notice that when I share like this, not only does it help me, but others benefit, too. It reminds me that I am never alone, and you are therefore never alone either. I set forth to do something bigger… write a book, and in January, I signed a book contract with Dave Burgess Consulting Inc.

It’s been and incredible journey and today, I am excited to share with you my title and book cover! Without further ado, here is PheMOMenal Teacher: Pursue Your Dreams and still Be Your Best Self at Work and at de Home

Stay tuned for more to come very soon!

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