‘Twas the End of the Year

‘Twas the end of the year, dreams poised to ignite,

In the hush of the night, goals prepared to take flight.

One words are chosen, resolutions are set

New mindsets emerge, with the best of intent.

But before moving on, reflect, reminisce,

Celebrate the past year, be proud, don’t dismiss.

Twenty-twenty-three, a year so profound,

A niece’s arrival, pure joy all around.

A girls trip to Virginia, and New York City,

Will forever be engrained, a core memory.

Two half marathons conquered, stride after stride,

No new PRs this time, but finishing’s my pride.

I signed a book contract, early in the year,

With DBC’s support, I overcame my fear.

I wrote and edited that manuscript beast,

Then October 19th, it was finally released.

PheMOMenal Teacher, a story to tell,

You can pursue your dreams, and still excel.

You are not defined by the hats you wear,

You can soar to great heights, I am here to declare.

Set your aims sky high, let aspirations unfold,

May the upcoming year be a story untold.

Embrace the challenges, with courage, don’t hide,

In every endeavor, let your passions guide.

Wishing you all a year where dreams come true,

A wonderful journey, with great success for you.

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