You Can’t Stop the Rain

You can’t stop the rain. Whether it’s drizzling or pouring, you don’t have control over it.

You can, however, grab an umbrella. You don’t need to get soaked. You don’t need to stand in the rain.

But, what happens when it’s been raining for days, weeks, months, or even years?

Is your umbrella still holding up? Maybe something that once used to keep you dry, isn’t anymore. Maybe it has a hole, a tear, or worse.

You can’t stop the rain.

What if you are standing in the rain, and although you are holding an umbrella, all that’s left of it is its skeleton. And you are getting soaked. The kind of soaked that leaves your skin so wrinkly it hurts.

Maybe you need a rain jacket, rain pants, and rubber boots. But you may be too soaked to realize it. You may believe that you just need to put your head down and accept that being soaked is your new reality.

Maybe you need someone to share their umbrella with you for a while. Maybe you need a gentle nudge to go inside and find shelter from the rain. Maybe you need time and resources to figure out how to repair your umbrella. Maybe you need space to realize that the umbrella alone isn’t enough anymore.

Maybe you need a reminder that you can’t stop the rain, but that you deserve to be dry.

Whatever your rain is, know that you deserve to be dry.

You deserve to be dry.

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